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The Fab Four
Breakfast at the Basses
Meet The Cast! 
19th-Sep-2009 12:01 am
We know what their parents look like, but it's time to meet the cast of Breakfast at the Basses. In my opinion they've each inherited all of their parents good traits. From Max Bass's smoldering looks from his father... To Charlie Bass's gorgeous curls and pouty lips from her mother. We know they're all hot, but do you have a favorite character? If you numbered them from 1-10, 1 being the best and 10 the least, what would your list be? Feel free to leave comments below.

Cast Names (In Order From Left to Right): Charlie Bass (Emily Browning), Lex Sparks (Tom Sturridge), Andrea Archibald (Lucy Hale), Max Bass (Jackson Rathbone), Sarah Humphrey (Sarah Roemer), Cameron Baizen (Drew Seeley), Ella Beaton (Jessica Stroup), Riley Humphrey (Adam Brody), Belle French (AnnaLynne Mccord), and Andrew Archibald (Ian Somerhalder).

Extra Note: The cast changed a bit in this post. The characters of Andrew Archibald and Sarah Humphrey were changed since I think these new ones suit them better. Also Bell French is Elle's daughter. She did not have a last name on Gossip Girl so I just took the actress who played Elle's last name.
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